Disney x Spensers

Disney has over 100 licensing deals with different stores, design brands, artists, lifestyle companies. Spencer's Gifts is a store that caters to teens and tweens who enjoy alternative music, and whose aesthetic is a nod to the punk and rock movements. The combination of the two brands results in fun accessories and products that edgy but still maintain Disney’s fun and family friendly spirit.

Project Objectives

Spencer’s Gifts wanted to create Disney bags and merchandise that lent themselves to their demographic. Disney needed to approve the graphics, placement, and energy of the merchandise to guarantee that it still resonated with their brand. Hitting both marketing and brand guideline requests as well as the customer demographic was something that was successfully done and went to market in Spencer’s Gifts stores nationwide.

Services Provided

& Materials Used

We utilized Disney artwork and created customized prints on Spencer’s Gifts approved accessory bodies using:

+ Brand Guidelines

+ Adobe Photoshop

+ Adobe Illustrator

+ Accessory Design

Vision & Concept

Concept development for the accessory collection involved paying attention to current trends and pop art iconography. YLM wanted to use the famous Disney characters in unique ways for the Spencer’s Gifts customer.


Disney and Spencer’s reordered the approved items 3 times in a span of 2 seasons. The items sold on Spencer’s Gifts website as well as their store nationwide.

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Illustrations by Nick Armas and Photography by Daniel Rosenthal