• Michael Venker

3 Key Elements to Brand Development

Creating a new brand from scratch can be overwhelming. Creating a logo, deciding on brand colors, and messaging can leave your head spinning. But the importance of taking the time to fully and carefully develop your brand cannot be understated. These are the elements that prospects will associate with your brand’s name from the first interaction they have with you. So it is vital to ensure you’ve thought through everything that you can. Let’s review three of the most important elements of brand development.

1. Aesthetic

This one might be obvious, but the aesthetic of your brand is vital. The colors, fonts, and overall look of your brand cause your customers and prospective customers to feel a certain way. Before you decide on all of this, you need to decide how you want your customers to feel when they visit your website, read a newsletter, or see an advertisement for your products or services. Do you want them jazzed up and excited? Relaxed and calm? Do you want them to feel at home, and like they can trust you? You need to answer all these questions before making any decisions.

2. Value Proposition

You know that your brand, service, or product is better than your competitors’. And you know that you will bring value to your customers’ lives. So, your value proposition should clearly define what sets you apart from your competitors and adds value to your customers lives. It shows people how you will solve their problem in a unique way; differently from how others have attempted to in the past. Your value proposition should also be customer-centric. When you write it, avoid making it about you and your brand, and instead make it about the customer and their problem.

3. Consistency

Finally, one of the most important aspects of brand development is consistency throughout. So, throughout every channel that you use to communicate with your customers, you should be using the exact same aesthetic, messaging, and value proposition. This level of consistency helps to build your brand awareness and helps your prospects feel as though they can trust you.

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