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Project Summary

When NBC's go-to show for financial advice, (hosted by media personality and stock market expert Jim Cramer) asked for help, we rose to the occasion!


The Street utilized Yellow Lion Media to generate sales leads through influential impressions bringing users to their site.  They wanted to increase the visibility of their online presence and sales of their products. Their old ads were not packing enough visual punch or refinement to attain the goals they were striving for. Pictured below is the ad we designed functioning live.


+ Google Ads

+ Adobe Illustrator 

Project Summary 

We needed to refine and modernize The Street's digital adspace to create a stronger call-to-action for users. This entailed revamping the palette and refining the images on the ads to make them come to the forefront of any page they were viewed on. We had to analyze the best way to garner notice, while still staying true to The Street brand and personality. Below are the original ads:

We served more than 14MM impressions in May! CTR performance varies but the overall CTR was 0.08% (for Retirement Daily it was 0.09%). For the most important metrics: Lead Conversion Rate was 7.58% Purchase Conversion Rate was 0.16%.

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Illustrations by Nick Armas and Photography by Daniel Rosenthal